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Elliptical Trainers


Quality Throughout

Strength Master elliptical trainers are made with only the highest quality components. Heavy, sturdy frames, drive systems that include high-end components and resistance systems, and commercial grade sealed bearings all show our commitment to quality for long lasting reliability.

Simple and Comfortable

Also, Strength Master elliptical trainers give you a comfortable stride that simulates your natural walking motion. Ellipticals are easy to get on and off, and pedals are closely spaced and positioned at the right angle to give you a comfortable workout. Simplistic, intuitive features including our patented Intelli-Key™ lighting system make the console one of the easiest to use in the industry.

Effective for Your Needs

To be effective, exercise equipment needs to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, stay healthy, train for a sport or manage a chronic disease you need a comfortable elliptical stride, a broad range of resistance, a variety of programs and easy-to-use settings.