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At Strength Master

We believe that quality goes beyond product specifications. We don't limit our attention to putting quality components in the areas that show up on a product specification chart. We also pay attention to things that don't show up like product safety, packaging and simplicity of assembly, and providing genuine customer care should you need to contact us directly. We believe that providing a quality product encompasses the entire customer experience.

Simple and Comfortable

Easy to use features are innovative yet meaningful, like blue lit buttons to press, step counting, downhill walking and easily customized exercise programs to meet your needs. Product designs are bio-mechanically correct and designed for your comfort with safety features like wraparound handlebars and automatic pause when the treadmill is not used in a normal workout mode.

Effective for Your Needs

here is a Strength Master fitness solution to fulfill your needs for your exercise motivation, physical space constraints, product feature requirements, and your desired quality and price. Exercise programs, designed by Exercise Physiologists, will help you achieve your goal whether it's to lose weight, manage a disease, be more competitive or simply live a healthy life. Treadmill features consider the specific needs of walkers, joggers and runners. Equipment designs work with the way you live; for example, our compact folding treadmills include the smallest unit on the market, and our high-end treadmill drive system is powerful yet very quiet, so you can run without disturbing others.